It’s Nice to Meet You!

Hi there! I’m Anne, a nutrition education specialist, certified mindfulness instructor, and integrative wellness coach who specializes in helping women with depression and anxiety.

Let me start off by saying how grateful I am that you’ve landed on my page. I hope this introduction is just the beginning of an ongoing conversation about you and your mental health, because I think we’ll have a whole lot to talk about.

I know more than a little bit about how you’re feeling and the struggles you’ve been through. And I fully believe that you can start to heal, alleviate symptoms associated with your mental health condition, and live more fully – simply by making a few changes to your mindset, diet, and lifestyle habits. I also get that this may sound 100% impossible to you right now. Please bear with me.

I do think some people benefit from taking medications that alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety. And a strong connection with a therapist can be invaluable. But medication and therapy don’t work for everyone. Sometimes a person needs something other than or in addition to these traditional treatments. If you think you’re one of these people, then you’re in the right place. Please know that you can heal.

My Philosophy

Much of what the brain and body need to thrive can be found in naturally grown whole foods. The vitamins and minerals so plentiful in fruits and vegetables are there for a reason. They’re key ingredients in a simple recipe for the best possible mental and physical health.

I fully believe that improving your diet can improve your mental health. But diet is just one factor in the equation. Physical activity is essential for our mental health, too. When we strengthen our bodies through exercise, we nurture our minds as well.

And mindset also matters. The way we spend our days and manage stress all have a huge influence over our mental health. That’s why learning simple mindset and mindfulness strategies that help us adopt sustainable lifestyle habits are so vitally important to our mental health and wellness.

But change isn’t easy. That’s why the accountability and guidance inherent in integrative wellness coaching is so valuable. It keeps you moving forward.

Through nutrition education, mindfulness instruction, and integrative wellness coaching, you’ll tap into your ability to alleviate depression and anxiety symptoms. Then you can begin to heal.

My Story

For years, I was going through the motions. Struggling often. Flat out sinking on occasion. Unable to manage stress. Unable to account for my frequently changing moods. And unable to explain why I felt like I did.

Then I stumbled across some information that changed my life for the better. Really! I had enrolled at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) to gain some knowledge I thought would boost my career in health communication. But once I started learning about the many ways nutrition affects a person’s health and the many reasons why the US population has become so unhealthy, I just wanted to keep going. I started making dietary and lifestyle changes that had an undeniably positive impact on both my mental and physical health. And I decided I had to help others make these changes, too. From IIN, I earned my certification to practice as an integrative wellness coach. Then I enrolled at American University to earn a Master of Science in Nutrition Education.

And that decision has led me here. I know that people can improve their mental health through dietary and lifestyle changes. I’ve done it myself. I’ve seen others do the same. And now I want to help you make these invaluable changes, too.

Once I started learning about the benefits of good nutrition, mindfulness, and healthy lifestyle habits, I just couldn’t stop gathering more and more information. I decided to do the 360-degree reset and earned a Master of Science in Nutrition Education so that I can help people like you take control of your mental health with things found in nature as opposed to those mixed up in a lab.

Anne is a stellar coach. In such a meaningful way, she asks you the questions that make you not only stop and think but also stop and change self-defeating behaviors. When it felt like everything was crumbling all around me, Anne helped me to see my inner beauty, my strength, my resourcefulness, and my resilience.” K.R.